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17 January 2014

The outlook for Japan in 2014.

13 January 2014

‘It’s worth pointing out that there’s nothing sinister about discounts’

16 December 2013

The AIC’s Director General picks a surprising highlight of 2013.

12 December 2013

What is guiding Witan’s approach next year?

12 December 2013

Will next year remain positive?

9 December 2013

The AIC’s Head of Training looks back at this year’s training activity.

6 December 2013

‘Investment trusts are run with shareholders’ interests as the top priority’

22 November 2013

Investors shouldn’t let someone else’s liquidity problems become theirs.

18 November 2013

Opportunities in emerging markets for investors with a long-term view.

18 November 2013

Why Aberdeen New Thai have invested in Big C Supercenter.


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Introducing Alliance Trust’s new expert stock picker

C.T. Fitzpatrick, Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Vulcan Value Partners (VVP), has joined the team at Alliance Trust as the 9th expert stock picker.

Hear why Bill Kanko adopts a contrarian approach to investing

One of Alliance Trust’s expert stock pickers, Bill Kanko of Black Creek Investment Management, discusses the implications of geopolitical factors on the stock market and looks ahead to the next 12 months.

Alliance Trust stock picker sheds light on his best ideas

Ben Whitmore, one of Alliance Trust’s stock pickers and Head of Strategy, Value equities at Jupiter Asset Management, sheds light on the types of stocks he looks to invest in.

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