How to attend an AGM

How do you go about attending an AGM when you hold investment company shares on a platform? The following information can help you make sure you don't miss this important shareholder meeting.


Annual general meetings (AGMs) are a chance to hear from the board and manager of your investment company, ask questions and vote on important decisions facing the company. 

If you hold your investment company shares on a platform, your platform may have to help you attend the AGM. The table below gives details, provided by each platform, about how to secure your place.

If you don’t see your platform listed below, we suggest you contact them directly and ask them to assist.


 Can I attend investment company AGMs as an investor? Is there a cost?How can I arrange that?How will I find out about investment company AGMs?Additional information provided by the platform
AJ Bell YouinvestYesNoFor EGMs, you can vote online through your account. For AGMs, if you would like to vote or attend, you can send AJ Bell a secure message to let them know. If you'd like to vote, the secure message needs to confirm how you'd like to vote for each resolution. AJ Bell will then process the vote accordingly. If you would like to attend, the secure message just needs to confirm your request to attend. AJ Bell will then send you a letter of representation. AJ Bell needs at least five working days' notice for AGM requests.When an EGM is called, AJ Bell will send you a secure message outlining the details, and how you can vote. For AGMs you can vote or attend – but AJ Bell won't send you a secure message notifying you in advance.N/A
Barclays Smart InvestorYesNoThe process for attending an AGM is the same as registering a vote. You log into your account online and confirm by secure message/or phone and complete the platform's security process if you would like to vote by proxy or attend the AGM/EGM in person. Alternatively, you can contact Barclays by phone, complete their security process and then let them know that you would like to vote by proxy or attend the AGM/EGM in person.At present it is your responsibility as an investor to keep up to date with company meetings.N/A
BestInvestYesNoBestinvest can facilitate both voting and attendance at shareholder meetings via its custodian (SEI) on request from the client either in writing (secure message, email or in writing) or by phone. If the client intends to attend a shareholder meeting in person, we will arrange for a proxy letter to be issued and sent either to their home address or for collection at the shareholder meeting. Our custodians require 6 working days’ notice to arrange this and the client will be required to provide a driving licence or passport number as proof of ID. It is the responsibility of the investor to find out about shareholder meetings from company announcements and regulatory filings. (For resolutions on corporate actions that will have an impact on a client’s holding e.g. M&A or wind-up proposals, Bestinvest will proactively alert clients.)N/A
Charles Stanley DirectYesNoYou need to email Charles Stanley before the meeting. Registrars set their own deadlines for voting/AGM attendance.  As long as Charles Stanley has time to arrange AGM attendance, which is via an electronic system, it will do so. A minimum five working days’ notice is suggested. Charles Stanley arranges via its Corporate Actions team for you to attend the meeting, ahead of which you will be sent a confirmatory letter.  When you turn up at an AGM, you will need to bring some form of ID, such as a driving licence or passport. It is your responsibility as an investor to keep up to date with company meetings.N/A
Fidelity Personal InvestingYesNoIf you have opted into the Shareholder Rights Service, Broadridge, the platform's voting and information service will automatically notify you of any upcoming AGMs. If you hold a Fidelity investment trust on platform and you'd like to attend an AGM, you can notify Fidelity through the online service, or contact Client Services and the company secretaries will be notified.It is the responsibility of the investor to keep up to date with company meetings.

What is an Investment Trust?

Hargreaves LansdownYes, clients can attend (and vote at) any meeting for shares that they hold.NoWhen giving an instruction, you’ll be given the option to attend a meeting. From here you’ll need to complete a form. You only need to provide the mandatory information plus your email address so you can receive confirmation. If you have any additional requests like receiving confirmation by post, taking a guest or access requirements, there is a special requests section for this. The company registrar will then expect your attendance on the day. You will need to turn up to the meeting with some form of identification on the day. For example, a passport or driving licence. The deadline for each meeting will be displayed above the list of resolutions.AGMs are often detailed on the Investor Relations section of the company website. Due to the high volume of meetings taking place on a daily basis Hargreaves Lansdown is unable to inform clients of every meeting. Where a meeting is scheduled as a result of a Corporate Action Hargreaves Lansdown endeavours to include the meeting details within its Corporate Action mailings.N/A
HSBCNot disclosedNot disclosedNot disclosedNot disclosedNot disclosed
Interactive InvestorYesNoCustomers can arrange AGM attendance via their account/voting mailbox and Interactive Investor can produce a letter addressed to the Registrar that the customer takes to the AGM. This names the customer as Interactive Investor's representative on the number of shares the customer holds. The customer can also elect a proxy to attend on their behalf if required. Notice of meeting attendance is usually 2 to 3 days as the letter is produced and posted to the customer as a ‘wet signature’ is required. The Shareholder Voting & Information service is a free opt-in service that enables you to receive shareholder materials and vote on decisions directly affecting your UK-registered shareholdings. You will receive all relevant information via your online account and by email.

Shareholder Voting Information

Source: AIC/the lang cat (last update 13/05/24).

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