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Spotlight - June 2024

Is that offer really one you can’t refuse?


AIC celebrates 100th person to achieve Investment Company Accreditation

Nick Britton presents a certificate to Ahsan Vayani of Quilter Cheviot.


How to explain investment trusts to a client

Nick Britton, Head of Intermediary Communications at the AIC, gets advisers’ views on explaining investment trusts to clients.


ESG remains a “minefield” for advisers and wealth managers

91% recommend sustainable funds and 72% expect demand to increase. Less than a fifth of intermediaries trust ESG ratings.

"The use of investment companies by advisers has increased sevenfold in the decade since RDR. Our training and educational materials are designed to help more advisers find their way to investment companies.”

Nick Britton, Research and Content Director


Guides to investment companies

What are investment companies?

Understand exactly what we mean by investment company, and the three main types.

How financial advisers use investment companies

Why are investment companies becoming more popular with financial advisers?

Researching investment companies

Considerations to bear in mind when researching and selecting investment companies for clients.

Investment companies and platforms

Investment companies are now available on a wide range of adviser platforms.

Trading on the stock market

This guide discusses the implications of stock market trading, including liquidity.

Differences from OEICs

Identifying the main structural differences between investment companies and open-ended funds.

Closed-ended structure

What does it mean to have a closed-ended structure, and what are the implications for investors?

Fees, charges and other costs

Making sense of the different disclosures of investment company costs.

Income features of investment companies

Investment companies can be attractive for income investors. This guide explains why.

Investment company performance vs OEICs

Assessing the reasons for investment companies' outperformance of open-ended funds over the long term.

Discounts and premiums

Explaining what discounts and premiums are, what drives them and why they matter.

Range of underlying investments

Discover why investment companies can offer access to a wider range of asset classes.


The separation between board and manager is central to investment companies, as this guide explains.

Regulation of investment companies

A simple summary of the laws and regulations that protect investors in investment companies.

Taxation of investment companies

Taxation of investment companies is very similar to other funds; here are some key differences.

Discount control policies

How do share buybacks and discount control policies work, and what are the benefits to investors?

Investment companies and NMPI status

The vast majority of investment companies fall outside the NMPI regime, as this guide explains.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

What are REITs and how are they different from mainstream investment companies?

Non-UK investment companies

This guide explains why some London-listed investment companies are based outside the UK.

Venture capital trusts (VCTs)

An introduction to venture capital trusts (VCTs) outlining the tax reliefs available.

David Prosser's monthly round-up

Every month, David Prosser rounds up what's happening in the investment company sector, including what the investment company analysts are saying. David's past roles include Business Editor of The Independent, Personal Finance Editor of the Daily Express, and Deputy Editor of Money Observer magazine.


Is commercial property on the comeback trail?

David Prosser explores the best ways to capitalise on a potential property rebound.


In praise of sheds

Warehouses may have fallen from favour, but they’re still essential, writes David Prosser.


Why investment companies work so well for investors in drawdown

David Prosser looks at why investment companies have an important role to play in savers’ retirement portfolios.


A light in the gloom

David Prosser examines the reasons for the continuing popularity of UK equity income investment companies.

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