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New to investing?

Find out what it's all about and get your investment plans off to a flying start.

Your Investment Journey

What will you save for: a first home, your children's future or perhaps your retirement?

What are investment companies?

Introducing an investment fund with a unique collection of features.

ESG and investment companies

Many investors want to know how their investments affect the environment and society, and how the companies they invest in are run. “ESG” is a handy acronym that has been created to discuss these concerns.

Looking for a little bit more?

Meet the AIC dividend heroes and access articles and materials to help deliver a higher income.

Saving for your children’s future?

Find out how to invest with your child with investment companies.

The role of investment company boards

Board directors Clare Dobie, Alliance Trust, Robert Jeens, Allianz Technology and Gay Collins, JPMorgan Global Growth & Income discuss the role of investment company boards.

The benefits of monthly saving

Find out more about monthly saving and pound cost averaging when it comes to investing in investment companies.

How investment companies can meet your income needs

Investment companies have important advantages for income-seeking investors. Watch this animation to find out more.

Investing for growth

Find out what growth investing is and how it could help you achieve your long-term financial goals.

Changing times, one vision

Discover how investment companies have been meeting investors' needs for 150 years.

Venture capital trusts explained

Find out what VCTs are, what they invest in, the risks and the tax benefits on offer.

What is a collective investment fund?

Learn more about collective investments, where investors pool their money to invest in a portfolio of assets.

What does being closed-ended mean?

Find out about closed-ended funds and how they differ to open-ended funds.

The benefits of diversification

Investment companies allow you to invest in a portfolio of diversified assets, avoiding the risk of having all your eggs in one basket.

Freetrade interviews Elmley de la Cour

Elmley de la Cour from the AIC discusses investment companies with Freetrade's Dan Lane.

How to invest in an investment company

Once you've decided which investment company you want to invest in, what happens next?

Your investment company: having your say

Discover how investment companies, unlike other funds, enable your voice to be heard.

Investment Company Dividend Heroes

Find out more about the investment companies with a 20-year track record of dividend increases.

Investment Companies 2022

Democratising capital, funding growth and meeting investors' needs.

What is a Junior ISA?

Find out about this special savings account for children with tax benefits.

150 years of innovation

The managers of the first three investment companies, founded in the 19th century, explain why they are still relevant today.

Investment Companies 2022

Democratising capital, funding growth and meeting investors' needs.

Choosing an investment company

What to consider when selecting an investment company from the 300+ options out there.

Looking for a little bit more?

Meet the AIC dividend heroes and access articles and materials to help deliver a higher income.

What are discounts and premiums?

Investment companies can trade above or below their net asset value. Find out about premiums and discounts.

Expert views: investment companies for income

Financial advisers discuss the benefits of investment companies when it comes to paying income.

What is gearing?

Investment companies can borrow money to invest in further assets. This is known as gearing. Find out more about gearing in this short video.

How to invest

This guide explains different ways to invest, how to get financial advice, and the role of investment platforms.

Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs)

Interested in VCTs? This guide explains how to back bright, young UK opportunities.

What are ongoing charges?

Costs are an important consideration when investing. Find out more about ongoing charges.

Renewable energy investment companies

Managers explain how wind farms, solar parks and energy storage are benefiting investors and the environment.

What does dividend yield mean?

Dividend yields can give you an indication of the level of income shareholders may receive from an investment company share.

What is private equity?

Private equity fund managers explain how they help companies grow while aiming to generate good returns for their investors.

Revenue reserves and dividend cover

Learn how investment companies use their revenue reserves to maintain stable dividends.

Total return performance

Investment companies may produce both income and capital return. Find out more about measuring both in this video.

Managing the discount and premium

Robert Jeens, Chairman of Allianz Technology, discusses the role of investment company boards in managing the discount and premium at which they trade.

What happens when an investment company winds up?

Find out what happens when an investment company’s life comes to an end.

How do we explain gearing?

Discover how investment companies can borrow money to invest, and how this "gearing" is measured.

Infrastructure investment companies

Find out how investing in roads, schools and railways helps produce attractive returns and grow the economy.

Ready to invest

A range of guides to get you on your way.

Share prices explained

Find out more about offer, sell and mid prices in this short video.

What does ex-dividend mean?

For an explanation of what ex dividend means, also known as ‘ex div or ‘xd’ please watch this video.

Management and performance fees

Investment companies must pay fees to their fund managers. Find out more about fees in this short video.

News & insights

Get up to date on investment company news, research and industry insights.

Invest & engage

Browse a list of platforms that allow you to buy and hold investment companies. Discover how to have your say on how your investment company is run.

Adviser training

Financial advisers and other investment professionals can access our training free of charge.