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The Association of Investment Companies (AIC) was founded in 1932 to represent the interests of the investment trust industry – the oldest form of collective investment. Today, the AIC represents a broad range of investment companies, incorporating investment trusts, VCTs and other closed-end funds. . 

The information below is a combination of both AIC created and external content covering investment trust news and industry insights applicable to private investors. If you have any questions regarding any of this information, or you simply have a question you would like answered please let us know at

Press releases

60% increased their dividends for 10+ years and eight companies yield over 4%.

Industry outperforms in a challenging year while fee cuts accelerate.

AIC responds to FCA’s patient capital discussion paper.

Biotechnology and healthcare tops the list.


Investment Week columnist Jayna Rana tells us why her age group should be seeking a financial head start with investment companies.

Polar Capital Global Healthcare explain why big pharma companies shouldn’t be ignored.

Ian Cowie dissects a relatively good year for biotech and healthcare investment companies.

David Prosser explains how investment company savings schemes can help turn regular savings into a valuable long-term investment.

Citywire news

News content provided by Citywire.

Last updated: 12:47 - 18/01/19

Numis Securities retains Edinburgh investment trust in its recommendations for 2019, urging investors not to ‘throw in the towel’ after three years of poor performance with a Brexit resolution potentially in sight.

Fund picker Ben Conway reveals the real estate investment trusts he has bought and says their low valuations underline the difficulties facing rival open-ended property funds.

Now is the time for investors to add money to the market not take it away, says Gary Channon, manager of Aurora investment trust.

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14 January 2019

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