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The long-term performance of investment companies from before the dot-com crash and the global financial crisis.

AIC publishes detailed evidence ‘Burn before reading’.

Investment companies comment on the opportunities and outlook.


Ian Cowie explains why investors should be wary of blindly following the crowd.

Scottish Investment Trust manager, Alasdair McKinnon, reflects on his recent trip.

With the average level of student debt estimated at £50,000, David Prosser explores how investment companies could help.

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Last updated: 10:10 - 21/09/18

Emerging market veteran Mark Mobius is confident his timing is good and enough investors will back his crack team of fund managers in launching his new investment trust.

Woodford Patient Capital Trust shoots to top of stock market as unexpected revaluation of one of its most controversial holdings, cold fusion specialist Industrial Heat, adds 5.5% to its battered share price.

Winterflood Securities, broker to Woodford Patient Capital, has pitched the struggling investment trust as a potential safe haven in a stock market downturn.

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