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Latest issue

May 2022

This month in Compass Ian Cowie and Faith Glasgow look at unloved investment company sectors and we reveal the winning companies benefitting from rising energy prices.

  • Faith Glasgow analyses the mainstream companies on discounts.
  • All out of love: Ian Cowie explores overlooked investment company sectors.
  • Energy prices heat up: What is the outlook for the oil and gas sector.
  • Must do better: Managers’ views on the government’s new energy strategy.

Back issues

April 2022

This month in Compass we’re gathering pearls of wisdom from some of our longest-serving managers, while Ian Cowie reflects on the pandemic.

March 2022

With the human tragedy unfolding in Ukraine, in this month’s Compass Ian Cowie helps us understand what it all means for our investments and managers make sense of rising inflation.

February 2022

This month, Compass celebrates the Platinum Jubilee, Ian Cowie considers buying British and VCT managers reveal how they are helping the economy rebuild post-Covid.

January 2022

With rising prices here to stay, this month Compass looks at how investment companies can help. Meanwhile, Ian Cowie takes stock of last year’s successes and failures.

December 2021

Compass keeps smiling as we all head home a bit earlier than expected. But investors have plenty to celebrate.

November 2021

With COP26 in full swing, this month Compass looks at all things ESG, while Ian Cowie gets his head round the Budget and Faith Glasgow asks if ‘skin in the game’ really matters

October 2021

In a record-breaking month for fundraising, Compass investigates investment companies that offer access to alternative assets. Ian Cowie weighs up the prospects for property, we take a deep dive into direct lending, and Hannah Smith explains how you can invest in music through investment companies.

September 2021

Compass starts a new term with UK managers’ views on this summer’s private equity bids, while Ian Cowie looks at the investment impact of the tragic events of 9/11 and Faith Glasgow investigates the Flexible Investment sector.

July 2021

As the summer of sport continues, what are Japan’s prospects on the eve of the Olympics? Compass explains why the AIC website’s going green and how Ian Cowie got his first investment company ‘ten-bagger’

June 2021

Is inflation “the silent assassin of wealth” approaching? We look at how investment companies can offer your portfolios protection against inflation. Ian Cowie examines whether fortune may favour the brave when it comes to property and Faith Glasgow demystifies dividends.