Unlisted holdings

% of total assets

Please note that the percentage of unlisted holdings is displayed for companies that have reported this data to the AIC. “N/R” means the data has not been reported to the AIC. Where data is reported, it may be subject to valuation lags.

Top holdings

Data as at : 31/12/2023

Investment % of total assets
Quantexa Limited 30.5
Proveca Limited 23.6
Egress Software Technologies Limited 14.8
Chonais River Hydro Limited 5.9
Gravitee Topco Limited (T/A Gravitee.io) 5.4
Oviva AG 4.8
The Evewell Group Limited 3.9
Healios 3.8
Runa Network 3.7
The Street by Street Solar Programme Limited 3.7

Industry breakdown

Data as at : 30/06/2023

Industry % of total assets
Cash Equivalents 26.4

Asset breakdown

Data as at : 30/06/2023

Asset % of total assets
Stock 73.6
Other 0.0
Cash/Cash equivalents 26.4

Detailed asset breakdown

Data as at : 30/06/2023

Asset % of total assets
Other - stock 73.4
Cash 26.4

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