ESG Policy

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A sustainable management approach is an imperative for long-term outperformance. HICL’s assets on average have concession lengths that extend over 25 years and as such, short-term profit maximisation does not work.

In building and managing essential public assets for the long term, a stakeholder-focused approach has always been critical to HICL’s success – creating value for our investors and society as a whole.

The application of HICL’s Sustainability Policy (available below) and the management of HICL’s portfolio is undertaken by InfraRed, as Operator, so that HICL:

  • Invests in assets which have a social purpose, which promote social development and quality of life;
  • Creates a positive environmental impact now and for future generations; and
  • Makes an overall beneficial impact on the communities in which our assets are located.


For further information on HICL's investment process, sustainability reporting and case studies please visit HICL's dedicated Sustainability hub at: