ESG Policy

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Edinburgh Investment Trust (EIT) is managed by the team at Liontrust Asset Management. As described in the annual report, the Board of EIT supports the investment approach that the team uses to manage EIT’s portfolio. This process uses materiality assessment in which the team identifies and prioritises the key, material risks and opportunities faced by the fund’ holdings. 



The material issues that the team prioritises for each holding lead the team’s engagement with investee companies. These engagements help the team make more accurate investment decisions for the portfolio. The team also considers the downside risk to any company – whether in the form of business risk or market valuation or sustainability of dividends.



The team reviews its overall approach to investing and to materiality in its detailed annual report: 

Edinburgh Investment Trust: Annual Financial Report 2024



Liontrust exercises EIT’s voting rights and reports these decisions to the Board quarterly. Liontrust believes that the voting of proxies should be undertaken by the same team that manages the assets. Upcoming votes are often a reason for communicating with an investee company. Indeed, many of the engagements with portfolio holdings relate to voting decisions. Liontrust’s Proxy Voting Policy can be accessed here:

Proxy Voting Policy



Overall, the team aims for its companies to be as strong as possible across the spectrum of their operations. They talk with companies about the issues that matter most to each investment – the areas that will have the greatest long-term impact on the company’s ability to perform. The aim is for all companies in the portfolio to be better tomorrow than they are today, in as many ways as possible.


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For further information, please contact Liontrust at [email protected] or call on 020 7412 1700.