ESG Policy

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BBGI is a global infrastructure investment company helping to provide the responsible capital required to build and maintain essential social infrastructure in the countries where we do business.

Our vision is that we invest to serve and connect people. The social characteristics promoted by this financial product targets to create long-term positive impacts for society, by investing in infrastructure assets that provide citizens with access to essential services, such as: roads and bridges, schools, hospitals, fire and police stations, affordable housing, modern correctional facilities, and clean energy.

To support the social characteristics promoted by this financial product, each of our investments is aligned with at least one of six focused SDGs where we can make the greatest contribution, while we screen 100 per cent of our investments with the aim of ensuring that they do not significantly harm our social objective and follow good governance practices.


By managing social infrastructure assets for our public sector clients, our portfolio contributes to:

  • Facilitate education, healthcare and well-being of local communities (SDG 3 and 4).
  • Provide access to affordable housing (SDG 11).
  • Support safe and accessible travel on roads and public transport (SDG 9 and 11).
  • Facilitate access to public services, provide safety to local populations and promote the rule of law (SDG 16).
  • Connect communities through reliable transportation networks and support the transition to renewable energy sources (SDG 9).
  • Remain resilient and capable of sustaining potential damages caused by climate change – ‘do no significant harm’ (SDG 13).

Objective of the policy

At BBGI, sound ESG practices are integral to building a resilient business and creating long-term value for our investors and other stakeholders. The ESG Policy articulates a framework to mitigate sustainability risks and aims to create a positive impact beyond commercial objectives. The ESG Policy and associated management systems are communicated to all those working for the BBGI Group. Information about the ESG Policy is also published on the Company’s website (, in line with the SFDR requirement for the Company to publish on its website information about its policies on the integration of sustainability risks in its investment decision‐making process.

In addition to rolling out an ESG Policy to its portfolio companies, the Company maintains this ESG Policy as its overarching policy.

Our ESG and Sustainability Risk Policy is available here.


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