Investment companies vs open-ended funds

How do investment companies compare to other funds?

The table below allows you to compare the performance of investment companies in various AIC sectors to the performance of open-ended funds (OEICs and unit trusts) in the equivalent Investment Association (IA) sectors. These comparisons are made over three time periods: one year, five years and ten years.

The red areas of the table show where investment companies have outperformed open-ended funds, and the blue areas show where open-ended funds have outperformed investment companies.

Share price total returns on £100 to 30 June 2022

AIC performance table june 2022

Source: AIC/Morningstar. All data to the end of June 2022. Sector averages are unweighted share price total return in pounds. The AIC accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions in this table or for any loss occasioned to any person or organisation acting or refraining from action as a result of any material contained or any omissions.

We update this table quarterly to help investors understand how the performance of investment companies compares with open-ended funds over time.

Investment companies will not always perform better than other funds. However, they do have some advantages that can help their performance over time. For more information, see our Guide to investment companies.