Ongoing charge plus performance fee (%)
Ongoing charge date
Management agreement
In consideration of the investment services provided by the Investment Manager, the company shall pay to the Investment Manager a management fee equal to 0.375% per quarter of the Private Equity Asset Value, being the higher of (i) the Company's net asset value and (ii) the value of the Company's assets less any temporary investments made for the purposes of liquidity management, plus the amount of unfunded commitments. Incentive fees: For Direct and Secondary investments, the Investment Advisor shall receive 15% and 10% per Direct and Secondary investment respectively.
Performance fee
Performance fee rate
Performance fee details
In accordance with the IMA, the Investment Manager is entitled to receive a share of the realized profits of the Company, otherwise referred to as incentive fees. Distributions of cash proceeds derived from each secondary investment(DirectInvestment) are distributed to the Company or due to the Investment Manager as incentive fees.

A measure, expressed as a percentage of NAV, of the regular, recurring costs of running an investment company.

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