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Scottish Mortgage - Why This Crisis Favours Growth Stocks

Growth stocks have generally fared better than value stocks during the coronavirus pandemic, helping Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust during the worst of the stock market falls. Tom Slater, Co-Manager of Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, explains why.

19 May 2020

Monks Investment Trust - Manager Insights - April 2020

Jon Henry, product specialist, gives an update on The Monks Investment Trust PLC and how the portfolio is positioned in the current climate.

18 May 2020

Worldwide Healthcare Trust – Pandemic Video Update

In this pandemic update, Dr Polischuk discusses the industry's response to the crisis and the outlook for healthcare, as well as touching on the investment company’s recent performance.

15 May 2020

SAINTS – Manager Insights – April 2020

Investment manager Toby Ross gives an update on The Scottish American Investment Company PLC.

15 May 2020

US Growth Trust – Manager Insights – May 2020

Ben James gives an update on the positioning and activity of the Baillie Gifford US Growth Trust portfolio.

14 May 2020

Pacific Horizon Investment Trust – Manager Insights – May 2020

Roderick Snell, investment manager of the Pacific Horizon Investment Trust PLC, gives an update on the portfolio and explains why he believes it’s time to look East.

13 May 2020

What is your outlook for the sector?

Andrew Ness, Templeton Emerging Markets, and Ross Teverson, Jupiter Emerging & Frontier Income, share their outlook for emerging markets.

13 May 2020

Demand for VCTs

Modwenna Rees-Mogg, Director of Albion Technology & General VCT, explains why she thinks that the demand for VCTs is likely to grow.

12 May 2020

How do you incorporate ESG into your investment approach?

Ross Teverson, Jupiter Emerging & Frontier Income, and Andrew Ness, Templeton Emerging Markets, explain how ESG considerations affect their investment decisions.

12 May 2020

Zehrid Osmani – Interrogating the earnings outlook

Zehrid Osmani, Portfolio Manager of Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust, gives an update on his portfolio, focusing on earnings risk, and investment process.

11 May 2020


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