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Share prices explained

Find out more about offer, sell and mid prices in this share price explanation video.

12 October 2018

The benefits of monthly saving

Find out more about monthly saving and pound cost averaging when it comes to investing in investment companies.

12 October 2018

What does dividend yield mean?

Dividend yields can give you an indication of the level of income shareholders may receive from an investment company share.

12 October 2018

What does ex-dividend mean?

For an explanation of what ex dividend means,  also known as ‘ex div or ‘xd’ please watch this video.

12 October 2018

Discounts and premiums

Investment companies can trade at either a premium or a discount to their net asset value (NAV). Find out more in this video.

12 October 2018


Investment companies can borrow money to invest in further assets. This is known as gearing. Find out more about gearing in this short video.

12 October 2018

What are ongoing charges?

Costs are an important consideration when investing. Find out more about ongoing charges.

12 October 2018

Management and performance fees

Investment companies must pay fees to their fund managers. Find out more about fees in this short video.

12 October 2018

What happens when an investment company winds up?

Find out what happens when an investment company’s life comes to an end.

12 October 2018

What’s been your best experience as a board director?

Clare Dobie, Alliance Trust, Robert Jeens, Allianz Technology and Gay Collins, JPMorgan Global Growth & Income share their best experiences as board directors.

11 October 2018


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