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10 July 2020

David Prosser looks at the income advantages of investment companies and suggests which could be best placed to help.

6 July 2020

Ian Cowie takes us on a tour of his globally diversified portfolio.

12 June 2020

David Prosser outlines reasons why income seekers should consider investment companies.

5 June 2020

Ian Cowie highlights his COVID top performers.

29 May 2020

Steve Hunter of Seneca Global Income & Growth explains why the investment company is sticking to its value-investing knitting.

11 May 2020

Ian Cowie considers the attractions of emerging markets.

7 May 2020

David Prosser questions the old financial adage.

9 April 2020

David Prosser tells us why we should keep calm and carry on.

3 April 2020

Ian Cowie shares his experiences of investing through market highs and lows.

13 March 2020

David Prosser outlines five reasons to use investment companies in your ISA.


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Baillie Gifford UK Growth Fund – manager update July 2020

Manager Iain McCombie gives an update on the positioning and activity of the Baillie Gifford UK Growth Fund portfolio.

Monks – Long-term Stewards

Baillie Gifford’s Charles Plowden explains how long-term stewardship is one of the four golden threads that weaves together to form the Monks investment strategy.

Biotech Growth Trust – AGM July 2020

Geoff Hsu, Manager of Biotech Growth Trust, presents the investment company’s Annual General Meeting 2020.

Saving for children

Discover saving for children with investment companies.

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