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10 January 2020

Ian Cowie explains why the sun is shining on UK investment companies.

10 January 2020

Seneca Global Income & Growth explains why they look beyond bonds and equities to specialist investment companies.

10 January 2020

David Prosser explains how to approach what you put into you Individual Savings Account (ISA).

18 December 2019

Ian Cowie reviews how his portfolio behaved in 2019.

13 December 2019

David Prosser examines potential financial offerings for your children this festive season.

11 December 2019

Reliable redemption is a better way to deal with the inherent issues of holding illiquid assets in open-ended funds than an outright ban.

15 November 2019

Ian Cowie reflects on Woodford and the structural benefits of investment companies.

15 November 2019

BB Healthcare Manager Paul Major explains how to benefit from a healthcare revolution.

7 November 2019

David Prosser asks what the upcoming election may mean for your savings and investments.

16 October 2019

David Prosser explains why and how to make considered and circumstantially-appropriate investment choices.


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Investment Trusts Handbook 2020

Asset TV interview Jonathan Davis, Editor of the Investment Trusts Handbook, to find out more about the contents of the publication and what people can learn from reading it.

Asset TV: JPMorgan Japanese Investment Trust plc focus

Asset TV interview portfolio manager Nicholas Weindling to understand what benefits the JPMorgan Japanese Investment Trust plc's resources provide when dealing in the Japanese markets.

Investment companies: the outlook for 2020 – what is the most important factor?

Laura Foll, Co-Manager of Lowland Investment Company, and Bruce Stout, Manager of Murray International, discuss the most important factors for their investment companies.

Recorded 10 December 2019.

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