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11 May 2020

Ian Cowie considers the attractions of emerging markets.

7 May 2020

David Prosser questions the old financial adage.

9 April 2020

David Prosser tells us why we should keep calm and carry on.

3 April 2020

Ian Cowie shares his experiences of investing through market highs and lows.

13 March 2020

David Prosser outlines five reasons to use investment companies in your ISA.

13 March 2020

Ian Cowie on why smaller companies make sense for the long term.

14 February 2020

With just two months left of the tax year, David Prosser explains the ins and outs of venture capital trusts.

7 February 2020

Ian Sayers examines the dangers of holding illiquid assets in open-ended funds.

7 February 2020

John Davies takes us on a tour of Seneca Growth Capital VCT.

7 February 2020

Ian Cowie explores prospects in Asia.


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Scottish Mortgage - Why This Crisis Favours Growth Stocks

Growth stocks have generally fared better than value stocks during the coronavirus pandemic, helping Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust during the worst of the stock market falls. Tom Slater, Co-Manager of Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, explains why.

Monks Investment Trust - Manager Insights - April 2020

Jon Henry, product specialist, gives an update on The Monks Investment Trust PLC and how the portfolio is positioned in the current climate.

Worldwide Healthcare Trust – Pandemic Video Update

In this pandemic update, Dr Polischuk discusses the industry's response to the crisis and the outlook for healthcare, as well as touching on the investment company’s recent performance.

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