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David Prosser

David Prosser

David is former Business Editor of The Independent, Personal Finance Editor of the Daily Express, and Deputy Editor of Money Observer magazine. He writes regularly for the AIC.

10 July 2020

Why Emerging Markets offer a particular opportunity post COVID.

3 July 2020

Using research from Pantheon, David Prosser examines the benefits of including private equity investment companies in your portfolio.

26 June 2020

David Prosser examines the income advantages of investment companies and dividend resilience in the current climate.

19 June 2020

David Prosser looks at new research from interactive investor which shows investment companies outperforming funds and at lower costs.

12 June 2020

David Prosser examines data suggesting that older investors are more likely to hold investment companies.

5 June 2020

David Prosser examines the ESG credentials of the investment company industry.

22 May 2020

David Prosser explains how alternative investment companies can offer diversification to your portfolio.

7 May 2020

David Prosser examines investment company gearing levels going into the COVID-19 crisis.

1 May 2020

After the Investment Association announced that it was suspending its yield rules for equity income funds, David Prosser compares open and closed-ended fund structures for paying dividends.

24 April 2020

David Prosser examines the benefits of the investment company structure during a market sell-off.