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David Prosser

David Prosser

David is former Business Editor of The Independent, Personal Finance Editor of the Daily Express, and Deputy Editor of Money Observer magazine. He writes regularly for the AIC.

23 September 2020

David Prosser explores investment companies’ advantages for smoothing dividends through tough times.

18 September 2020

David Prosser examines how boards help investment companies stay relevant.

11 September 2020

David Prosser examines the returns of investment trusts and open-ended funds over the long term.

4 September 2020

David Prosser examines the implications of coronavirus on ESG investing and investment company offerings in this space.

21 August 2020

With the help of Terry Smith and Warren Buffett, David Prosser examines the benefits of holding investments for the long term and not trying to time the market.

14 August 2020

David Prosser addresses the FCA’s proposal to combat liquidity flaws in open-ended property funds.

7 August 2020

David Prosser discusses ESG and the crucial role investment company non-executive directors play.

31 July 2020

With dividend income under so much pressure, David Prosser discusses investment company dividend heroes and the UK Equity Income sector.

24 July 2020

David Prosser compares fees between open-ended funds and investment companies and the recent fee cuts in the closed-ended space.

17 July 2020

David Prosser discusses the benefits of closed-ended investment companies over open-ended funds for investing in property.