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David Prosser

David Prosser

David is former Business Editor of The Independent, Personal Finance Editor of the Daily Express, and Deputy Editor of Money Observer magazine. He writes regularly for the AIC.

18 October 2019

David Prosser explains the benefits investment company boards offer to shareholders.

16 October 2019

David Prosser dispels old myths about the investment company industry.

4 October 2019

David Prosser examines the multi-asset investment companies in our Flexible Investment sector.

27 September 2019

David Prosser looks at the highest-yielding investment companies on a 10 year basis and the benefits of their structure for delivering income.

20 September 2019

David Prosser explains why the closed-ended investment company structure is a more suitable home for illiquid assets than their open-ended counterparts.

13 September 2019

David Prosser dissects the all-too-common investment strategy debate.

6 September 2019

David Prosser discusses the impact of exchange rates and how the AIC’s Global sector could offer attractive opportunities.  

30 August 2019

David Prosser asks the all-important question, does your fund manager invest in their own portfolio?

23 August 2019

David Prosser examines a recent Master Adviser study and tells us why investment companies are well suited to pension pots.

16 August 2019

David Prosser looks at how investment company managers tend to stay longer than those of open-ended funds.