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Carl Harald Janson, Manager, International Biotechnology Trust

Carl Harald Janson, manager of International Biotechnology Trust, explains the case for investing in biotechnology and healthcare.

17 June 2015

Rosemary Banyard, Manager, Schroder UK Mid Cap

Rosemary Banyard, Manager of Schroder UK Mid Cap discusses the outlook for the UK All Companies sector with PR Manager Jemma Jackson.

27 April 2015

Guy Anderson, Manager, The Mercantile Investment Trust

Guy Anderson discusses the impact of the election on UK markets with AIC Communications Director Annabel Brodie-Smith.

27 April 2015

Company case study: Kidspace, backed by Downing VCTs

Richard Farley, CEO and Founder of Kidspace Adventures, and Mark Gross, Investment Director of Downing discuss the impact of Downing VCTs’ investment.


24 April 2015

AIC panel discussion: Alternative income

AIC Communications Director Annabel Brodie-Smith is joined by Kenneth MacKenzie, Manager of Target Healthcare REIT, and Stephen Ellis, Manager of GCP Infrastructure, to discuss the income advantages of alternative assets.

16 March 2015

Company case study: CREATE Fertility, backed by Baronsmead VCTs, Livingbridge

Praful Nargund, Director of Strategy at CREATE Fertility and Benoit Broch, Director, Investment Team at Livingbridge, explain how VCTs have supported CREATE Fertility.

4 March 2015

Tim Levett, Chairman, NVM on the outlook for VCTs

Tim Levett, Chairman, NVM looks at the role of VCTs and their performance.


4 March 2015

Company case study: DySIS, backed by Albion VCTs

Andrew Elder, Partner, Albion Ventures LLP explains the impact of Albion VCTs’ support of DySIS

4 March 2015

Company case study: Mirriad, backed by Edge VCTs

Mark Popkiewicz, CEO of Mirriad, David Glick, Founder & CEO of Edge Group explain the impact of VCT support for Mirriad and British companies.

4 March 2015

Company case study: The Gro Company, backed by Mobeus Income & Growth VCTs

Christian Jones, Managing Director at The Gro Company and Bob Henry, Partner at Mobeus Equity Partners, discuss the role of the VCTs in expanding The Gro Company.

4 March 2015


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