Freetrade interview with Elmley de la Cour

Elmley de la Cour, Communications Manager at the AIC, discusses investment companies and explains the benefits of the closed-ended structure with Dan Lane, Senior Analyst at Freetrade.

Seven key risks

Zehrid Osmani, Manager of Martin Curie Global Portfolio Trust, talks about seven potential key risks which could impact the pace of economic recovery and prevent a prolonged period of economic growth, including increased indebtedness and taxation.

Market update

Zehrid Osmani, Manager of Martin Curie Global Portfolio Trust, gives a summary of one of the strongest reporting seasons, discusses the regions that offer the most potential and what the leading indicators are telling us.

Eight medium-term opportunities

Listen to Zehrid Osmani, Manager of Martin Curie Global Portfolio Trust, discuss the important drivers of global growth and attractive investment opportunities, which include cloud computing and cybersecurity, renewable energy and healthcare infrastructure.

Get ready for the next stage of China’s growth story

China’s domestic growth story has continued to thrive despite the pandemic and with Chinese companies now increasingly becoming global innovators, it’s getting harder for investors to stay on the sidelines. In his conversation with Citywire, Dale Nicholls, portfolio manager of Fidelity China Special Situations Trust PLC explores these opportunities.

Finding value in Asia’s growth story

Watch the recent Citywire broadcast with Nitin Bajaj, portfolio manager of Fidelity Asian Values Trust PLC, where he explains his investment philosophy, how he looks for high quality stocks in the diverse Asian equity markets and why he thinks now is a particularly interesting time for his ‘value’ approach.

Scottish Mortgage: Manager Insights - Tom Slater

In this AGM film, Tom Slater, co-manager of the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, discusses the lessons learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic, and looks to the areas where we have seen, and could continue to see, growth opportunities arising.