Below are some links to third party websites that provide investment company research that you may find useful.

When you click on one of the links below, you will leave the AIC website The AIC therefore accepts no responsibility for the content on these sites, including the accuracy of any information presented and any opinions expressed. You should also bear in mind that some of the sites may charge you for access to their full research and other services, and also that some of the research may have been paid for by the investment company.

edisonFounded in 2003, Edison has established itself as the leading provider of credible commissioned investment trust research. Edison’s experienced investment trust analysts provide balanced and detailed reports on over 65 investment trusts and companies. Our objective is to give investors the tools of the trade to make informed investment decisions. We aim to fill the gap that exists between the Factsheet and the Annual Report and Accounts producing a minimum of two reports per annum.

Edison website

Fundcalibre is an independent fund ratings service, which is freely available to everyone online. We have designed it so that even those entirely new to investing can get the help and guidance they need to pick a fund or trust.

We analyse thousands of funds and trusts available to UK investors and, with our unique screening tool and years of research experience, we identify just 5% to 10% that we believe have the most skillful managers.

So you can browse FundCalibre with the comfort of knowing that our dedicated team has interviewed every manager, and every fund and trust has undergone a rigorous process to earn its Elite Rating.

FundCalibre website


We are the longest-established sponsored research house in London. In the investment company space, we differentiate ourselves by using specialist sector analysts (with an average experience of 25 years) rather than generalists, to write deep dive research. The depth and frequency of our research notes enables us to fully explore the issues and challenges of an investment case and take a balanced view. We are also retained for consulting services, addressing issues such as private company valuations and liquidity analysis. We believe that the best research has limited value for both funds and investors, unless it is accompanied by universal distribution. Our research is available free and read by every investor audience from the world’s largest institutions right through to retail investors. Our distribution team has created a unique ‘distribution-max’ package, ensuring the widest and most effective solution. Among our multitude of channels, it includes carefully crafted RNS announcements, a six-stage email campaign (accompanied by optimisation), a specialist IFA network and a massive Twitter following. 

Hardman & Co website


Kepler Trust Intelligence is a dedicated online resource for investment trust investors, offering high quality research split into two streams, one catering for a sophisticated audience of discretionary fund managers and the other for private investors who need real independent research to make the right investment decision. Our content, all of which is produced in house by experienced analysts at Kepler Partners, forms an online library of high quality investment strategy research, detail analysis of individual trusts and useful guides to the terms, themes and strategies which investors are able to access via closed end funds.

Kepler Trust Intelligence website

mstarMorningstar has a team of approximately 120 manager research analysts, based in 15 locations globally, whose sole responsibility is investment manager research. In addition, we have a dedicated quantitative methodologies team of approximately 30 analysts. The manager research team researches both active and passive strategies alongside each other, whilst acknowledging the different nuances between the two approaches. Analyst views are expressed in the form of Morningstar Analyst Ratings, which are derived through research of our key pillars—Process, People and Parent. These pillars form the spine of our research approach and we evaluate each of them when assessing a fund. In so doing, we not only evaluate each pillar, but also the interaction between them, which we believe is crucial to understanding a strategy's overall merit. Fees are also incorporated into the analysis, so different share classes might have different Analyst Ratings. This is based on our view as to whether there is sufficient strength to beat the category index after fees. All analysts follow the same framework when assessing a fund to ensure a consistent and robust approach.

Morningstar website

QuotedData_RED.jpg is one of the most used Investment Trust research portals. Free for everyone, offering news, prices, NAVs, discount information, charts, performance data, Z scores, factsheets and key documents on every Investment Company listed in London. They also offer a comprehensive glossary, educational information, free events to attend, offer regular research periodicals on the whole sector and detailed notes on selected Investment Companies currently trading and those coming to the market.

QuotedData website