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Demonstrate your knowledge of investment companies

Learn about discounts and premiums, gearing and the unique income features of investment companies, also known as investment trusts.

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It’s simple to get started…

Complete four 45-minute online courses to achieve the Investment Company Accreditation, a certificate that demonstrates your knowledge and competence in investment companies.

Participating in the Investment Company Accreditation is open to all finance professionals and is free of charge. The Accreditation is offered by the Association of Investment Companies (AIC), the industry body for investment companies and investment trusts.

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AIC ACC certifcate
AIC ACC certifcate

Why complete the Investment Company Accreditation?

  • It's completely free and takes less than a minute to sign up.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of investment companies to clients and peers.
  • Achieve recognition from the industry body for investment companies.
  • Take the four courses at any time, on different days, to fit your schedule.
  • Earn up to three hours CPD, accredited by the CII and the CISI.

Finance professionals only

Are you accredited yet?

Find out how the Investment Company Accreditation can help you demonstrate your competence while earning CPD.

Complete these four courses to earn the Accreditation

Up to 45 minutes CPD

An introduction to investment companies

Start here to brush up on the basics of investment companies (a.k.a. investment trusts).

Up to 45 minutes CPD

Discounts and premiums

What are the implications of discounts and premiums for an investor?

Up to 45 minutes CPD


Understand the different types of gearing, its risks and benefits.

Up to 45 minutes CPD

The income features of investment companies

Learn how investment companies generate and distribute income.