Press releases

21 July 2015

A look at the most viewed AIC members, with income a key theme.

13 July 2015

Industry assets reach record high, discounts at record low.

8 July 2015

The AIC today responds to the Chancellor’s announcement on changes.

30 June 2015

Latest student debt research by the AIC using Opinium Research suggests parents unaware of true costs.

23 June 2015

45% of investment companies have had the same fund manager for at least 10 years.

22 June 2015

The investment company sector has a strong track record of long-serving fund managers; but interestingly there have been a number of fund manager changes in the sector recently.

17 June 2015

The AIC has collated manager views on the outlook for the Biotechnology and Healthcare sector.

16 June 2015

Investment trusts investing in peer to peer lending will now be ISA eligible.

9 June 2015

VCT manager views as AIM reaches a new milestone.

8 June 2015

The AIC publishes a list of conventional investment companies with significant exposure to AIM.