Press releases

13 April 2015

March 2015 saw the most visits ever to the site.

9 April 2015

The sector has raised its fourth highest annual total ever. 

31 March 2015

Purchases were 19% higher than in 2013, and 106% higher than in 2012. 

24 March 2015

What could your savings be worth?

18 March 2015

The AIC responds to the announcements on changes to the VCT scheme rules.

16 March 2015

What gives specialist sectors an advantage?

12 March 2015

Speaker comments on some of the main themes of their presentations.

10 March 2015

One fifth of investment company sector raised dividends for at least 10 consecutive years

9 March 2015

Why look at investment companies for your ISA?

4 March 2015

AIC research suggests that income and growth advantages of investment companies have been recognised by investors.