Press releases

18 May 2015

AIC takes a look at what to consider when investing for children.

12 May 2015

The AIC shares details of the 2015 adviser training programme.

6 May 2015

A look at the UK companies held by the highest number of investment companies.

27 April 2015

UK All Companies managers discuss their views.

21 April 2015

Latest AIC figures will make compelling reading for those investors looking to draw an income in retirement that outstrips inflation.

20 April 2015

Previous record for largest UK investment company launch was in 1994.

20 April 2015

Level of aggregate dividends is at is its highest annual level since VCTs were established.

13 April 2015

March 2015 saw the most visits ever to the site.

9 April 2015

The sector has raised its fourth highest annual total ever. 

31 March 2015

Purchases were 19% higher than in 2013, and 106% higher than in 2012.