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An independent board of directors is a unique and important benefit of investment companies which sets them apart from their competitors in the funds world.

You don’t necessarily have to have a background in finance or investment to become an investment company director but you will need relevant skills and experience. Boards of investment companies are also increasingly looking to increase the diversity of their directors in terms of gender, ethnicity and expertise.

If you would like to find out more about becoming an investment company director, Pathway can help you. Here you can find out more about investment companies, the role of a director and how to get a board position. The site contains advice from the AIC’s former Chair Rachel Beagles and other directors, tips from headhunters about the recruitment process, FAQs and information on our forthcoming events for prospective directors.

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What directors say

I’ve been able to surround myself with creative people from all walks of life, which has fired my imagination and allowed me to achieve career goals I may not otherwise have set.

Dr Bina Rawal
Non-Executive Director, Worldwide Healthcare Trust

A broader range of backgrounds in the boardroom improves the debate, and I would like to think that sometimes my naïve questions aren’t as irrelevant as they first seem.

Alan Giles
Non-Executive Director, Perpetual Income & Growth Investment Trust