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This month in Compass, Ian Cowie looks for opportunities under Labour, managers discuss the Japanese rally and Faith Glasgow delves into the Alliance Witan merger.

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General election: “fixing cost disclosure regulation must be an urgent priority”

The AIC is urging the next government to prioritise resolving the issues with investment company cost disclosure.

Why now for investment trusts?

Christian Pittard of abrdn gives his perspective on opportunities within investment trusts in a discussion with Annabel Brodie-Smith of The AIC.


AIC updates platform comparison tables to help investment trust investors find best value

The information is commissioned by the AIC from the lang cat, a platform consultancy.


Why it pays to stay invested and ride out any downturns

Missing 20 best days in past 20 years could have cut final investment value by 43%.


Digging for returns in natural resources

David Prosser considers opportunities in the commodities sector.

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Investment Trust Update | May 2024

In this latest investment trust update, Elliott Investment Management reduces its stake in Scottish Mortgage, AIC has partnered with a range of providers to boost its inv...


AIC expands investment trust research for investors

Research from various providers is now available on the AIC’s website.


Deciphering UK Equity Income: Insights from City of London investment trust manager

Job Curtis, manager of the City of London Investment Trust, covers various aspects of the UK market in this interview, including its outlook, impact on larger companies, and investment opportunities.


Buybacks hit record highs

David Prosser on why share buybacks are good news for investors.


Meet the manager: Julian Bishop

Co-Lead Portfolio Manager of the Brunner Investment Trust.

Winterflood: An Introduction to Alternatives

Hear Winterflood investment trust analyst Elliott Hardy and David Stevenson discuss alternative investments in the investment trust space and what they may bring to portfolios.


Is gearing good to go?

David Prosser explains how gearing can turbocharge a fund’s performance.

Thematic research

Third-party thematic research on investment companies can be found below.

Private equity: Stick or twist?

25 June 2024

Avoiding the ‘pig in the python’.

Emerging markets – Worthy of consideration

10 June 2024

In this report Edison provide an overview of emerging markets and suggest why they warrant an allocation within a global portfolio.

Fast and FTSErious

6 June 2024

With the FTSE 100 reaching record highs, is there still value on offer?

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Sirius Real Estate raises another £150m to deploy in UK and Germany

The business park investor raises further cash to buy more ‘attractive’ business parks, having tapped investors for £146m only nine months ago.
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Odyssean announces share placing to meet investor demand

The UK smaller companies trust did not say how much it was aiming to raise, but Peel Hunt's Markuz Jaffe estimated it had about £29m remaining in its yearly capacity.
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QuotedData’s weekly news show 12th July 2024

Thank you to everyone that listened in today on our YouTube channel. In this week’s show, James Carthew covered the week’s top stories: Chrysalis (0:22) Schroder British Opportunities (0:39) Molten Ventures (0:51) Edinburgh Worldwide (1:05) Odyssean (6:08) Sirius Real Estate (9:25) This week’s interview was with Kenneth MacKenzie from Target Fund Managers – watch it again here.
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QD View – Spotlight on democracy

Around half of the world’s population, some 4 billion people, will have the opportunity to go to the polls for national elections in 2024. For many, it’s the first chance to have a say since the COVID-19 pandemic and comes at a time when disaffection among voters has reached record highs. The consequences of this […]
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Subscale Schroder British Opportunities hints at M&A

The £58m growth capital fund could consider a merger as a way to increase its size, though fund manager Tim Creed refused to say whether this will include a tie-up with stablemate Schroders Capital Global Innovation.

Invesco Bond Income Plus

11 July 2024

Rhys Davies discusses the origins, goals, and strategies of BIPS. Rhys explains how BIPS focuses on generating high income primarily from the high-yield bond market and highlights the advantages of a closed-ended vehicle for this strategy. 

MIGO Opportunities

10 July 2024

MIGO’s managers say there are too many great opportunities to fit them all in the portfolio.

Apax Global Alpha

10 July 2024

CM day: further proof of value added by Apax.

Supermarket Income REIT

10 July 2024

The next stage of growth.

JPMorgan European Growth & Income

10 July 2024

Things can only get better.

Redwheel acquisiton of Ecofin

12/07/2024 - 19:30

Ecofin Global Utilities Inf Tst PLC

Read more

Transaction in Own Shares

12/07/2024 - 19:00

Smithson Investment Trust PLC

Read more

BlackRock Sustainable American Income Trust Plc - Transaction in Own Shares

12/07/2024 - 17:40

BlackRock Sustainable American Income

Read more

Transaction in Own Shares

12/07/2024 - 18:40

Global Smaller Cos. Trust PLC (The)

Read more

BlackRock Income and Growth Investment Trust Plc - Transaction in Own Shares

12/07/2024 - 17:40

BlackRock Income & Growth

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