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This month, Compass gets in the festive mood. Ian Cowie piles on the pounds with 2023’s winners and our fund managers look at what’s in store for 2024.

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The big buyback

David Prosser on why investment companies buy back their own shares.


Autumn Statement: AIC applauds action on investment company cost disclosure

AIC welcomes the government’s announcement that powers will be handed to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to resolve the issues with investment company cost disclosures.


Autumn Statement: AIC welcomes government’s promise to extend VCT sunset clause to 2035

The Chancellor has committed to extending VCTs’ sunset clause to 2035.


Time for a shift of gear?

David Prosser explores how investment companies’ ability to borrow money can help investors reap greater returns.


AIC welcomes Ros Altmann’s private members’ bill on costs

The AIC has welcomed Baroness Ros Altmann’s intervention in the debate about the disclosure of investment company costs.

Kerb appeal: What's your view on the discount of your trust?

Annabel Brodie-Smith asks Richard Shepherd-Cross and Bjorn Hobart for their thoughts on the discounts on their trusts.


Hold your nerve

Deep discounts are no reason to throw in the towel, writes David Prosser.

Kerb appeal: Would Labour winning the next election make any difference to UK property?

Fund managers from Custodian Property Income REIT and Tritax Big Box REIT on whether Labour winning next year's election would make a difference to the UK property sector.

Kerb appeal: How is your portfolio faring in the current challenging economic conditions?

Investment experts discuss how their portfolios are faring with the AIC's Annabel Brodie-Smith.

Kerb appeal: Are we near the top for interest rates and could this make a difference for property?

The Fund Manager of Custodian Property Income REIT and the Investment Director of Tritax Big Box REIT, share their thoughts on the possibility of peaking UK interest rates and whether this could make a difference for the UK property sector.

Kerb appeal: How is your portfolio having a positive environmental or social impact?

Richard Shepherd-Cross and Bjorn Hobart discuss how their portfolios of UK properties are having a positive environmental or social impact.

Kerb appeal: UK property webinar

A panel of experts discuss the UK property sector with Annabel Brodie-Smith.

Thematic research

Third-party thematic research on investment companies can be found below.

Built to last

22 November 2023

UK commercial property trusts have weathered a fierce storm, but our analysts think their fortunes may already have passed a nadir...

The Asian century

15 November 2023

Failing to invest in Asia means omitting half the global economy from your portfolio...

Back to basics

1 November 2023

Higher rates mean re-visiting portfolio construction...

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QuotedData’s weekly news update 8th December

Thank you to everyone that listened in today, whether you watched the Zoom live, on Facebook or on YouTube. In this week’s show, James Carthew covered the week’s top stories: Chrysalis (0:20) Baring Emerging EMEA Opportunities (3:23) Ecofin US Renewables (7:21) This week’s interview was with Joe Bauernfreund from AVI Japan Opportunity Trust– watch it […]
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Sub-scale Barings Emerging warns it may have to fold

Board of £73m investment trust hit by last year’s writedown of Russian assets warns it could become unviable if a performance-related tender offer is triggered in 2025.
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QD view – your vote will count in Arb fight

Discounts in the investment trust sector are almost double their average[1], with the combination of cost disclosure rules and rising interest rates creating widespread selling pressure. It is perhaps not surprising that this has caught the attention of activist investors who spot an opportunity. Saba Capital is the latest arbitrageur on the block, thought to […]
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Abrdn commits to buy over £30m of shares in its shrinking trust range

UK’s third-largest investment company manager will reinvest six months of fees in its 17 closed-end funds, a sign of confidence in a range that has contracted this year.
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SpaceX take-off could boost Baillie Gifford trusts and Seraphim

Elon Musk’s SpaceX begins talks on a tender offer that could up the value of the unlisted company by $25bn, a boon to six trusts that back it or invest in the sector.

Pacific Horizon

8 December 2023

Annual Overview from QuotedData

Schroder British Opportunities

6 December 2023

Results analysis from Kepler Trust Intelligence

Brown Advisory US Smaller Companies

6 December 2023

Investing in US small caps with investment trusts

Apax Global Alpha

4 December 2023

Hidden gems strategy delivering new investment opportunities

Aberforth Split Level Income

4 December 2023

New Research: Kepler Trust Intelligence

Result of AGM

09/12/2023 - 02:30

Ashoka India Equity Investment Tst

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Transaction in Own Shares

09/12/2023 - 02:20

Smithson Investment Trust PLC

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Temple Bar Investment Trust Plc - Transaction in Own Shares

08/12/2023 - 17:50

Temple Bar Investment Trust

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Transaction in Own Shares

09/12/2023 - 02:10

Schroder BSC Social Impact Trust

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Transaction in Own Shares

09/12/2023 - 02:10

Schroder AsiaPacific Fund PLC

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