Joining the AIC

From advice and guidance to lobbying on your behalf, the AIC offers a range of valuable services to members – and the first year of membership is free.

owned by youWho can join the AIC?

Our members are companies which are closed-ended funds, investing in a portfolio of assets and with their shares traded on a stock exchange. Member companies assist investors in building diversified portfolios by offering access to a range of asset classes or through diversification within a specific asset class.

What you get from membership

We offer our members:

  • Lobbying – we’ll consider the needs of your company in any representations we make to regulators and government departments.
  • Presence on the AIC website – dedicated pages for your company giving a wide range of information to thousands of investors, financial advisers and the media.
  • Advice and guidance – you’ll have access to all our guidance on key technical and commercial issues, and you can also discuss them with AIC staff.
  • Inclusion in our media work – our press team will include your company in appropriate press releases. You’ll also be invited to provide quotes, attend journalist roundtables etc.
  • Events – member directors are invited to attend our regular free conferences, seminars  and roundtables on the latest issues affecting investment companies.
  • Participation in committees and forums – you can learn more about current issues and provide input into our work by joining our specialist committees and forums.


This guide explains the benefits of AIC membership, the services we provide and how you can join.

Working together: the benefits of AIC membership


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Membership fees

So you can see the benefits of membership before you make a financial commitment, the first year of membership is free.

Our current membership fees are:

Members (excluding VCTs) VCTs
Subscription rate 0.70 basis points of shareholders' funds (£70 per £1million) 1.50 basis points of shareholders' funds (£150 per £1million)
Minimum fee £3,200 £3,200
Maximum fee £20,500 £20,500

How to join

Contact Membership Director Lori Fox on

First we’ll check whether your company is eligible to join. We’ll confirm membership as soon as possible. We’ll also ask you to complete a brief membership form to give us contact details and some statistical information.

Professional advisers

Professional advisers to investment companies can access guidance papers through our Member Centre. Please access using the green 'Members' button in the top right of this page to register with us.

They are also eligible to sit on some AIC committees and forums. Contact Membership Director Lori Fox on for more details.