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Pension schemes

Investment company pension schemes can be one of the lowest cost personal pensions available

A few investment company management groups offer pension wrapper schemes. They invest your pension in one or more of the investment companies they manage.

These pension schemes could suit you because:

  • they’re a low-cost way to invest
  • the charges are simple to understand
  • you can increase or decrease the amount you pay in at any time
  • you can invest relatively small sums each month if you want to or make a lump sum contribution
  • you can spread your pension over a number of different investment companies

You can also take out a self-invested personal pension (SIPP), offered by some investment managers, stockbrokers and financial advisers. SIPPs give you even more freedom to choose the investments that go into your pension

For more information on pensions, tax reliefs and allowances go to the HM Revenue & Customs website.