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Past performance

Don’t choose an investment company based on past performance – it’s more important to find one that meets your investment needs

If an investment company made a profit in the past, or produced an income, that’s no guarantee it will do the same in future. You should never choose a company simply because it performed well in previous years.

What should you consider?

A company’s basic structure and goals are far more important than its past performance. You should make sure it suits your individual needs.

Make sure you know:

  • what the company invests in
  • how risky it is likely to be
  • its charges
  • your own investment objectives

When past performance is important

Although you shouldn’t use it to predict the future, it is still important to be aware of a company’s past performance. For example:

  • it can give you an indication of how risky the company is likely to be in the future
  • if you are interested in income, it can show you whether it has been able to maintain and grow dividends in the past

Our performance figures and what they mean

Where possible, we give past performance figures for every company listed on this website. To see them, search for an investment company

These performance figures should give a good idea of past performance, but you need to know how we calculate them.

  • We don’t take into account transaction costs, so you need to think about how much extra you’d pay. Transaction costs include dealing charges, potential stamp duty (on purchase only), charges for advice and/or charges to buy or sell within a wrapper product.
  • We don’t take into account income tax or capital gains tax or any reliefs from this you may be entitled to.