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Structural gearing

A type of gearing that arises in a split capital investment company due to it issuing more than one class of share.

Stamp duty

A tax you pay on the purchase of some investment company shares, but not on the sale.

Special dividend

A dividend paid in addition to normal regular dividends in circumstances which are unlikely to be repeated in the near future.

Share price total return performance

A measure showing how the share price has performed over a period of time, taking into account both capital returns and dividends paid to shareholders.

Share price capital return performance

A measure showing how the share price has performed over a period of time in capital terms alone, without reflecting any income dividends paid to shareholders. However it does include capital dividends within the calculation.

Share price

The price of a share as determined by the stock market.

Share buy-back

Describes an investment company buying its own shares and reducing the number of shares in existence.


A part of the share capital of a company.