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Annabel Brodie-Smith

Annabel leads the AIC’s communication strategy, sharing the uses and benefits of investment companies with the media, opinion formers, advisers and private investors. She oversees the AIC’s PR and marketing activity, as well as managing the AIC’s adviser training and information programme and liaising with online platforms.

22 May 2020

David Prosser explains how alternative investment companies can offer diversification to your portfolio.

21 May 2020

AIC responds to the Government’s Corporate Insolvency and Governance Bill 2019-21.

7 May 2020

David Prosser examines investment company gearing levels going into the COVID-19 crisis.

1 May 2020

After the Investment Association announced that it was suspending its yield rules for equity income funds, David Prosser compares open and closed-ended fund structures for paying dividends.

24 April 2020

David Prosser examines the benefits of the investment company structure during a market sell-off.

17 April 2020

As we begin a new tax year, David Prosser ponders the old adage ‘it's not about timing the market, but about time in the market’.

9 April 2020

David Prosser explains the unique ability that investment companies have of being able to squirrel away income to smooth dividends in the down the line.

3 April 2020

David Prosser looks at recent discount movements in the industry and what this might mean for opportunistic investors.

27 March 2020

David Prosser looks at the recent suspension of open-ended property funds and the structural suitability of investment companies for illiquid assets and dividend payments.

20 March 2020

Amidst coronavirus concern, David Prosser looks at the potential of buying investment companies on the cheap.