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Ian Cowie

Ian Cowie

Ian writes a weekly column about his stock market investments for The Sunday Times, which he began in 2013. He was personal finance editor of The Daily Telegraph for more than 20 years, after joining as a city reporter in 1986. He writes regularly for the AIC.

14 March 2019

As we near a new financial year, Ian Cowie explores the advantages of investment companies when it comes to paying income.

11 January 2019

Ian Cowie examines a relatively good year for biotech and healthcare investment companies.

20 December 2018

Ian Cowie reflects on his personal portfolio's performance in 2018.

9 October 2018

Ian Cowie explains why investment company boards are a clear benefit of investment companies.

20 March 2018

Ian Cowie explains why investors and advisers can take comfort from investment companies' durability.

9 February 2018

Ian Cowie explains how VCTs can help investors do well by doing good.

11 January 2018

Ian Cowie explains how investment companies could help those in retirement.

22 December 2017

Our regular contributor mulls over the ups and downs of his personal portfolio in 2017.

21 November 2017

Ian Cowie gives a personal account of how a 19th century invention can meet 21st century investors' needs.