Unlisted holdings

% of total assets

Please note that the percentage of unlisted holdings is displayed for companies that have reported this data to the AIC. “N/R” means the data has not been reported to the AIC. Where data is reported, it may be subject to valuation lags.

Top holdings

Data as at : 31/03/2023

Investment % of total assets
Good Falkirk (Mi) Limited2 47.6
Good Grace (Mi) Limited 5.4
Julius (Mi) Limited 3.7
Good Uxbridge (Mi) Limited 3.6
Forshall (Mi) Limited 3.6
Lucius (Mi) Limited 3.6
Billy (Mi) Limited 3.3
Horatio (Mi) Limited 3.0
Junius (Mi) Limited 3.0
Tmi Holdco Limited1 -18.7

Geographic breakdown

Data as at : 31/03/2023

Country % of total assets
Australia 2.8

Depending on the nature of the underlying asset classes, geographic breakdowns may not always add up to 100%.

Industry breakdown

Data as at : 31/03/2023

Industry % of total assets
Cash Equivalents 1.6

Asset breakdown

Data as at : 31/03/2023

Asset % of total assets
Stock 98.3
Other 0.1
Cash/Cash equivalents 1.6

Detailed asset breakdown

Data as at : 31/03/2023

Asset % of total assets
Other - stock 95.5
Asia (excl Japan) - stock 2.8
Cash 1.6

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