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Marble Point Loan Financing

data as at: 22/10/2020

Share structure

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Number of shares205,716,892
Wind up provisionsThe Company has been established with an indefinite life, the Articles provide that a continuation vote be put to Shareholders at the first annual general meeting of the Company to be held following the fourth anniversary of Initial Admission unless, the Company's Net Capital Raise is equal to or exceeds USD400,000,000. If the resolution is not passed, the Board will be required to put forward proposals for the reconstruction or reorganisation of the Company to the Shareholders for their approval within six months following the date on which the Continuation Resolution is not passed. These proposals may or may not involve winding up the Company and, accordingly, failure to pass the Continuation Resolution will not necessarily result in the winding up of the Company.


Total assets (m)114.0
Net assets (m)114.0
Market capital (m)106.5

Trading details

ISINTIDMTraded currencyStock exchange
GG00BF1Q4G54MPLFUSDLondon Stock Exchange - SFS
Marble Point Loan Financing has an additional market quote in sterling.

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