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Puma Alpha VCT

data as at: 22/10/2020


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Management agreementUnder the terms of this agreement Puma Investments will be paid an annual fee of 2% of the NAV payable quarterly in arrears calculated on the relevant quarter end NAV of the Company. These fees are capped, the Investment Manager having agreed to reduce its fee (if necessary to nothing) to contain total annual costs (excluding performance fee and trail commission) to within 3.5% of NAV. The contract be terminated by not less than twelve months notice, given at any time by either party, on or after the fifth anniversary. The Company will be entitled to a performance incentive fee payable in relation to each accounting period, subject to the Performance Value per Share being at least 120p at the end of the relevant period. The amount of the performance incentive fee will be equal to 20% of the amount by which the Performance Value per Share at the end of an accounting period exceeds the High Water Mark, and multiplied by the number of Shares in issue at the end of the relevant period.

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