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Starwood European Real Estate Finance

data as at: 27/11/2020

Share structure

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Number of shares410,340,773
Number of treasury shares2,878,625
Wind up provisionsA discount control mechanism would apply if the ordinary shares trade at an average discount to NAV per share of 5% or more during the six months ending 31 December 2022, the Directors at their absolute discretion may put a realisation offer to shareholders for up to 75% of their ordinary shares. In the event that the discount triggered realisation mechanism is not activated, the Directors shall put a realisation vote to shareholders no later than 28 February 2023. Under the realisation offer, shareholders will be able to redeem up to 75% of their ordinary shares.


Total assets (m)427.9
Net assets (m)427.9
Market capital (m)374.2

Trading details

ISINTIDMTraded currencyStock exchange
GG00B79WC100SWEFGBXLondon Stock Exchange - MAIN

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