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Downing THREE VCT F shares

data as at: 03/04/2020


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AIC ongoing charge (%)3.65
AIC ongoing charge plus performance fee (%)3.65
AIC ongoing charge date31/12/2018
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Management agreementManager receives an annual management fee of 1.8% of the NAV attributable to the F Shares. Also receives an annual fee of GBP 56,000 (plus RPI) per company for administration services, which will be allocated across all share pools. The Annual Running Costs of the F Share pool is capped at 3.5% of the NAV attributable to the F Shares. The performance incentive will only become payable if F Shareholders receive shareholder proceeds of at least 100p per F Share (excluding initial income tax relief) and achieve a tax-free compound return of at least 7% p.a. (after allowing for income tax relieft). If the Hurdles are met, the performance incentive will be 3p per F Share plus 20% above 100p per F Share of the funds available (for distribution to F Shareholders and the payment of the performance incentive). The performance fee will only be paid to the extent that the Hurdles continue to be met and will be subject to a maximum amount over the life of each company equivalent to 7p per F Share.

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