ESG Policy

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Responsible Investment Policy and Methodology

Partners Group, the investment manager of Princess Private Equity Holding, is fully committed to investing our clients' capital in a responsible manner. We integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, alongside commercial and financial factors, into our investment due diligence and ownership.

Partners Group's Responsible Investment Policy highlights two objectives of integrating ESG factors into the investment process:

  • Enhance investment returns and protect value for our clients.
  • Ensure that the companies and assets in which we invest on behalf of our clients respect, and ideally benefit, their stakeholders, society, and the environment.

To achieve these objectives we have developed, specific tools and processes to ensure a thorough integration of ESG factors.

For each investment opportunity, our investment teams are required to identify and consider the relevant ESG factors during due diligence through our proprietary ESG Due Diligence Assessment. Partners Group's ESG & Sustainability team supports the investment teams in assessing the weight that should be given to these considerations and in identifying potential ESG risks and value creation opportunities.

During ownership, we initiate projects in our portfolio companies and assets to improve their performance in managing ESG factors and integrate reporting on their ESG performance into our annual Corporate Sustainability Report and quarterly client reporting.