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BH Global Limited - Share Conversion Request (Jan 2021)

  BH Global Limited (the "Company")

(a closed-ended collective investment scheme established as a company with limited liability under the laws of Guernsey with registered number 48555)


January 2021 Share Conversion

05 February 2021

(Classified Regulated Information, under DTR 6 Annex 1 section 2.3)

The Company has received (in aggregate) the following share conversion requests from shareholders for the 31 January 2021 Share Conversion Date:

                     302 GBP Shares to be converted to USD Shares

                     218 USD Shares to be converted to GBP Shares

Conversions will take place as soon as practicable after the Company's month-end net asset value figures for January 2021 are released.  Converting shareholders will be notified upon conversion taking place, which will be no later than 25 business days after 31 January 2021.

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