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Octopus Titan VCT

data as at: 17/09/2020


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AIC ongoing charge (%)2.60
AIC ongoing charge plus performance fee (%)3.08
AIC ongoing charge date31/10/2018
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Management agreementOctopus Ventures, as the Investment Manager of the Company receives an annual fee of 2% of the NAV of Company. Octopus Investments provides administrative and accounting services to Octopus the Company for an annual fee of 0.3% of the NAV of Company and company secretarial services for an aggregate annual fee of GBP12,000 plus VAT. Each agreement is for an initial period of five years from Admission and may be terminated by either party on 12 months notice expiring at the end of the fixed term or at any time thereafter. The total running costs of the Company is capped at 2.5% p.a. of the NAV of Company. Only if by the end of a financial year, declared distributions per Share have reached GBX40 in aggregate and if the Performance Value at that date exceeds GBX130 per Share, a performance incentive fee equal to 20% of the excess of such Performance Value over GBX100 per Share will be payable to Octopus Ventures and Octopus Investments, in equal proportions. If, on a subsequent financial year end, the Performance Values of the Company falls short of the Performance Values on the previous financial year end, no incentive fee will arise. If, on a subsequent financial year end, the performance exceeds the previous best Performance Values of the Company, the Investment Manager and Octopus Investments will be entitled to 20% of such excess in aggregate.

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