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Tetragon Financial Group

data as at: 21/09/2020

Share structure

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Number of shares89,342,858
Wind up provisionsThe Company is intended to have an unlimited life. TFG has and may also continue to engage in share repurchases in the market from time to time. Such purchases may at appropriate price levels below NAV represent an attractive use of TFG's excess cash and an efficient means to return cash to Shareholders. Any decision to engage in share repurchases will be made by the Investment Manager, upon consideration of relevant factors, and will be subject to, among other things, applicable law and profits at the time. The Company also continues to explore other methods of improving the liquidity of its shares.


Total assets (m)2,146.9
Net assets (m)2,146.9
Market capital (m)780.9

Trading details

ISINTIDMTraded currencyStock exchange
London Stock Exchange
Nyse Euronext - Euronext Amsterdam
Tetragon Financial Group has an additional market quote in sterling. Tetragon Financial Group's shares have no voting rights.

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