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Aberdeen New Dawn

data as at: 06/04/2020

Share structure

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Number of shares110,571,348
Number of treasury shares9,658,101
Wind up provisionsThe Company does not have a fixed life. However, if in the 90 days preceding the Company's financial year end (30 April) the Ordinary shares have been trading, on average, at a discount in excess of 15% to the underlying net asset value over the same period, notice will be given of an ordinary resolution to be proposed at the following AGM to approve the continuation of the Company. If the resolution for the continuation of the Company is not passed at that AGM the Directors will convene a general meeting to be held not more than three months after the AGM at which a special resolution for the winding-up of the Company will be proposed.


Total assets (m)307.4
Net assets (m)273.0
Market capital (m)237.7

Trading details

ISINTIDMTraded currencyStock exchange
GB00BBM56V29ABDGBXLondon Stock Exchange - MAIN
London Stock Exchange
Pink Sheets Llc (nqb)

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