BlackRock Greater Europe Investment Trust Plc - Statement re Russian Portfolio Holdings

BlackRock Greater Europe Investment Trust plc
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Statement re. Russian portfolio holdings

With the escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine, several nations and international organisations instituted economic sanctions against Russian individuals and entities along with the sovereign debt of the Russian Federation. 

The Board of BlackRock Greater Europe Investment Trust plc confirms that the Company's Manager (BlackRock Fund Managers Limited) is monitoring the guidelines issued by regulators and taking all necessary actions to ensure compliance with applicable sanctions laws and regulations, including those of the U.S., UK and EU.

As at 1 March 2022, it is estimated that 1.0% (with a value of circa £5.4 million) of the Company’s portfolio was invested in securities with exposure to Russian companies. 

Melissa Gallagher
Co-Head Closed End Funds
BlackRock Investment Management (UK) Limited

Tel:  020 7743 3893

Date:  2 March 2022