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F&C Investment Trust

data as at: 28/05/2020


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AIC ongoing charge (%)0.54
AIC ongoing charge plus performance fee (%)0.54
AIC ongoing charge date31/12/2019
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Management agreementThe Manager receives remuneration of 0.35% p.a. of the market cap of the Company up to GBP 3.0 bn, 0.30% between GBP 3.0 and GBP 4.0 bn, and 0.25% above GBP4.0 bn calculated at each month end date on a pro-rata basis.The Manager provides investment management, company secretarial, financial, marketing and general administrative services to the Company under the terms of an agreement which may be terminated upon six months notice given by either party. In the event of a change of control of the Manager, the Company may give three months notice of termination.

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