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data as at: 01/04/2020

Performance (%)

 Return type1 year3 years5 years10 years
BankersShare price total return-
Global AIC sectorShare price total return-8.015.656.5172.1
BankersNAV total return-8.17.938.3129.0
Global AIC sectorNAV total return-5.714.649.9140.3
Morningstar Developed Markets *Total return-7.3538.2131.3

* The Morningstar market index is not necessarily the official benchmark of the investment company, however it has been identified as an appropriate comparative index. Please hover over the definition for further detail on the index construction.

Discrete annual performance (%)

 Return type01/04/15 - 1601/04/16 - 1701/04/17 - 1801/04/18 - 1901/04/19 - 20
BankersShare price total return-4.529.516.68.1-6.2
BankersNAV total return-
Morningstar Developed Markets *Total return-0.3321.611.4-7.3

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