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How investment companies can meet your income needs - 2016

An explanation of the advantages of investment companies when it comes to delivering an income.


12 November 2014

Guide to investment companies

An introducton to investment companies, by the AIC, aimed at retail investors.

15 July 2013

Guide to investment companies - how to buy

This chapter explains the different ways that you can buy investment companies and how you can find out more about them.

15 March 2013

Guide to investment companies - introduction

This chapter introduces this video on investment companies.

15 March 2013

Guide to investment companies - the risks

This chapter explains gearing and discounts.

15 March 2013

Guide to investment companies - what is an investment company?

This chapter explains how investment companies work.

15 March 2013

Guide to investment companie - the advantages

This chapter explains that investment companies can invest in a wider range of investments than other funds and have a special advantage when it comes to providing a reliable income.

15 March 2013

Dividend yield

A brief explanation of dividend yields.

14 March 2013

What does 'ex dividend' mean?

An explanation of the term 'ex dividend' and why it is used.

14 March 2013

How we explain gearing

Gearing explained.

14 March 2013


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