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Private equity explained: General Partners & Limited Partners

Hamish Mair, manager of F&C Private Equity, explains what is meant by the terms general partner and limited partner.

22 February 2018

Private equity explained: IRR

Steven Tredget, partner of Oakley Capital, explains what is meant by the term IRR.

22 February 2018

AIC interview with Trevor Hope, Mobeus Income & Growth VCTs

Trevor Hope, partner of Mobeus Equity Partners, managers of the Mobeus Income & Growth VCTs, talks to the AIC about the companies he is investing in and reveals his investment approach.

16 February 2018

AIC interview with Andrew Garside, Baronsmead VCTs

Andrew Garside, fund manager of the Baronsmead VCTs, talks to the AIC about where he is finding opportunities, how he selects investments and the outlook for VCT investors.

16 February 2018

The outlook for 2018: Panel discussion with Scottish Mortgage, Witan and Standard Life Equity Income

Tom Slater, joint manager of Scottish Mortgage, Andrew Bell, chief executive of Witan and Thomas Moore, manager of Standard Life Equity Income, discuss their causes for optimism and concern in 2018 and the regions and sectors they believe will be the big winners of the coming year.

15 December 2017

AIC interview with Walter Price, Allianz Technology Trust

Walter Price, Portfolio Manager of Allianz Technology Trust, talks to the AIC about why investors should consider a specialist technology fund, the emerging technologies he is most excited about and his views on the FAANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google).

24 November 2017

AIC interview with Katie Potts, Herald Investment Trust

Katie Potts, Manager of Herald Investment Trust, discusses the differences between the US and UK technology investment scenes, why she invests in earlier-stage companies and the technology sectors where she is finding most value.

13 November 2017

AIC interview with Ben Rogoff, Polar Capital Technology Trust

Ben Rogoff, Lead Manager of Polar Capital Technology Trust, talks to the AIC about how he approaches technology investment, the prospects for the FAANG companies (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) and the sectors he believes present the strongest opportunities.

13 November 2017

Private equity panel discussion with Andrew Lebus and Richard Hickman

Andrew Lebus, Pantheon International and Richard Hickman, HarbourVest Global Private Equity discuss what private equity offers to investors, the steps taken after the financial crisis and the outlook for private equity following strong performance.

6 November 2017

Japan panel discussion with Praveen Kumar, Nicholas Price and Andrew Rose

Praveen Kumar, Manager of Baillie Gifford Shin Nippon, Nicholas Price, Manager of Fidelity Japanese Values and Andrew Rose, Manager of Schroder Japan Growth Fund, discuss their investment strategies, the outlook for Japan and where they are finding opportunities.

26 September 2017


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