How Covid is changing the way we shop

The digital disruption of the high street accelerated during the pandemic. Moritz Sitte, manager of Baillie Gifford’s European Growth Trust, explores the innovative ways in which European retailers are reshaping the future of shopping.

2021 global investment outlook

What lies ahead for global markets in 2021? Zehrid Osmani, Portfolio Manager of Martin Currie Global Portfolio Trust, discusses his key opportunities, predictions and reasons to be optimistic about global equities.

Investment companies: 2020 and an outlook for 2021

Charles Plowden, Monks Investment Trust, Job Curtis, City of London Investment Trust, and Simon Barnard, Smithson Investment Trust, discuss where they are seeing opportunities and risks in 2021 and beyond.

The History of Dunedin Income Growth Investment Trust

A Nazi spy ring, James Bond author Ian Fleming, the US railway boom, Dundee and one of the UK’s greatest ever financiers – they are all connected to the story of Scotland’s first ever investment trust. We catch up with author John Newlands to find out more.