Keystone Positive Change Investment Trust - Introduction

The aim of the Keystone Positive Change Investment Trust is to deliver attractive investment returns on behalf of shareholders over the long term, and to help shareholders contribute towards a more sustainable world. Investment managers Kate Fox and Lee Qian explain how they hope to do this.

Venture Capital Trusts Explained

‘Venture Capital Trusts Explained’ is an easy-to-understand animation explaining what VCTs are, what they invest in, the associated risks and the tax incentives on offer.

VCT managers on building back Britain better

Stuart Veale, ProVen VCTs, Warren Rogers, Downing VCTs, and David Hall, British Smaller Companies VCTs, discuss the impact of the pandemic on their portfolios, their recent investment activity, the economic and social benefits of VCT investing and an outlook for the sector.

Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust AGM (January 2021)

Douglas Brodie, investment manager of the Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust, reflects on the past year, gives some insight into the current positioning of the portfolio and sheds some light on what could be some exciting opportunities in the future. Capital at risk.

Recorded January 2021