Fidelity Special Values: Opportunities abound in cheap UK market

Watch Alex Wright’s recent broadcast with Citywire. He explains why he still has the investment trust highly geared to a further rally in the UK stock market and why he is confident that ‘value’ stocks will close their historic valuation gap with ‘growth’ shares.

The role of a private equity manager

Private equity managers don’t just provide capital. They also apply their strategic and operational expertise to create long-term value in companies. Watch this animation from Pantheon International to learn more about what their private equity managers actually do.

What is a collective investment fund?

In this kind of fund structure, a group of investors pool their money and invest in a portfolio of assets to spread risk. Learn more about collective funds in this video.

What does closed-ended mean?

A closed-ended investment company has a fixed number of shares in issue at any one time. Learn more about closed-ended funds and how they differ to open-ended funds in this video.

Revenue reserves and dividend cover

Revenue reserves are a feature of investment companies which allow them to withhold up to 15 per cent of their annual income. They can then draw on this reserve when company dividends come under pressure. Learn about revenue reserves and dividend cover in this short video.

What are discounts and premiums?

Investment companies can trade above (premium) or below (discount) their net asset value (NAV). Learn more about discounts and premiums in this video.