Focusing on Japan’s long-term winners amid market volatility

Nicholas Price, Manager of Fidelity Japan Trust, discusses his views on recent market dynamics and outlines why he remains focused on seeking out long-term winners in exciting areas such as factory automation, digitalisation and the energy transition.

The unique opportunity in Asia’s smaller companies

Portfolio manager Nitin Bajaj reviews the fundamental backdrop facing investors in Asia’s key economies. He discusses how extreme market dislocations are creating buying opportunities among small-cap value companies, particularly in China, and highlights how this translates into the current positioning of Fidelity Asian Values.

Three reasons why China could roar in the year of the tiger

A wave of policy tightening and stringent regulation targeting sectors from property to technology rocked global investment sentiment towards China in 2021. After a challenging period for Chinese investors, Dale Nicholls, portfolio manager of Fidelity China Special Situations, outlines his reasons as to why he believes China might roar back in the year of the tiger.

Grounds for optimism in Europe

Sam Morse, portfolio manager of the Fidelity European Trust, assesses the outlook for Europe’s equity markets.

Emerging markets – from uncertainty to opportunity

As investors grapple with economic uncertainty and mounting regulation, the outlook for emerging markets may seem less positive. Against this backdrop, Fidelity Emerging Markets Limited portfolio manager Nick Price outlines why he expects to find opportunities amidst the uncertainty.