Focussing on what matters in Japan

Fidelity Japan Trust portfolio manager Nicholas Price discusses the importance of bottom-up stock picking and focussing on companies that can continue to grow over the medium term.

How much is too much?

David Prosser discusses how much you can withdraw from your investment without running out of money.

The outlook for China

Fidelity China Special Situations portfolio manager Dale Nicholls provides an update on the trust and reflects on what has been a very challenging period for investors.

Fidelity Asian Values: Getting inside the manager’s head

Fidelity Asian Values portfolio manager Nitin Bajaj provides a detailed insight into his small-cap value investment approach at a time he’s finding many attractive opportunities and utilising the investment trust’s ability to gear in order to take advantage.

Beat the rush

David Prosser looks at the benefits of investing your ISA at the beginning of the tax year.

Staying the course amid uncertainty in Europe

Amid rising volatility triggered by the Ukraine war, Sam Morse and Marcel Stötzel, portfolio managers of the Fidelity European Trust PLC, review the current market dynamics across regional equity markets. In particular, they highlight why their focus on building a balanced portfolio of robust dividend-payers is well positioned to deliver attractive long-term returns.